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The Second Bounce Of The Ball: Turning Risk into Opportunity

In November 2007 Sir Ronald Cohen's book, The Second Bounce Of The Ball: Turning Risk into Opportunity, was published. It received rave reviews, with the Financial Times saying it was 'one of the best books written on entrepreneurship in recent years. It will reward any reader, from start-up to City banker.'



Exploiting uncertainty is the essence of entrepreneurship

  1. Climbing the North Face
    The higher you aim, the higher you go.
  2. Fear of failure
    You can’t learn to swim by exercising on the beach.
  3. Calibrating opportunities
    If you pick a provincial line, you arrive at a provincial destination.
  4. Timing is everything
    A second bounce usually follows a change in the trend or in the cycle.
  5. Leading a winning team
    Adapt your role to the needs of the firm, not the other way round.
  6. Smart money
    Don’t just raise cash, raise your probability of success.
  7. Ego, intellect and intuition
    Ego is a turbo-charger, not a navigation system.
  8. Chance, perseverance and luck
    Luck is seldom just a matter of chance.
  9. Doing it right
    Principles have a cost, but they are always a bargain in the end.
  10. Exits and entrances
    Succession is a process, not an event.

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